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Necessary Covid-19 measures are taken in our hotel in accordance with national and international norms and recommendations and decisions taken by the World Health Organization, and Turkish Ministry of Health Science Committee. A Covid-19 Management Team is formed and the team will coordinate with the nearest healthcare institution in the event of an emergency. Surfaces that are frequently touched and rooms are regularly cleaned with disinfectant agents and these cleaning activities are documented and tracked by the Covid-19 Disinfection Team.


* Your fever will be checked with infrared thermometers at the entrance of the hotel. *There are hand disinfectants at the entrance of the reception. *Masks are worn in the common areas of the hotel. * According to the circular issued by the Ministry, when you are filling out our check-in forms please fill in all the required information including your travels and state of health in the last 14 days. *There are social distancing floor signs in the reception area. Cards provided by the reception staff are disinfected before each use.


Housekeeping Services personnel who have received training on covid-19 safety measures always use masks, gloves and aprons during cleaning and disinfection of your room. Cleaning equipment used in rooms is disinfected specifically before use in each room. • Hotel textiles used in your room are washed at the correct temperature. • Cleaning and disinfection agents approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Turkish Ministry of Commerce are used to clean rooms and rooms are always ventilated after cleaning and disinfection. • Before you start to use the room, your room is ventilated thoroughly and the surfaces are disinfected with ULV devices. • All contact surfaces in the room are disinfected using special disinfectant agents and disinfection activities are documented. • Room service team disinfects their hands and wear gloves and masks before entering your room. • Our catering stand is disinfected before use. • Toiletries and amenities for your personal use are disinfected. • Rooms are left vacant for a predefined period and then cleaned and disinfected before new guests arrive.


* There are hand disinfectant dispensers are available at the entrance of our restaurant and cafe. *Seating in the restaurant and cafe is rearranged according to social distancing rules and our seating capacity is reduced. * Single use placemats are used on tables for the health of our guests. * Single use salt and pepper packets are available on all tables. * Silverware are washed at high temperatures and packaged as sets for every restaurant and cafe guest. * Tableware and other service items are washed at high temperatures before use. * Our breakfast is served in an open buffet style for our guest and the buffet is organized to ensure minimum contact in accordance with Covid-19 safety measures. Food will be served by our hotel personnel. * Menus in our A la Carte restaurant are disinfected with suitable disinfectant agents before every use. * Our service staff always uses personal protective equipment during work. (Masks and gloves) * All our food products are prepared by complying with all hygiene rules and with utmost care from the receipt of ingredients by the kitchen until they are served.